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This is a place for all those who do not want to fit into any social structure as well as for those who seek innate freedom while being defined by the same structure. We all are two sides of the same coin, flocking toward one pre-meditated common goal once we decided to try on different bodies - VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT with the reality we experience or even better, chisel our own reality. The services offered here are just an effort to ease any residual discomfort to a full-blown trauma after years of conditioning and limiting beliefs followed by a clarity cheatsheet to navigate this world with ease.

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Hey, I'm Kamala

Certified Soul Realignment Practioner, Reiki Master and Spiritual Wellness Specialist


   Being a 5th generation psychic medium as well as a ceremonial magician, I offer a distinct approach to soul realignment, blending both ancient esoteric and modern spiritual practices. With my 7 years of extensive energy work practice, I specialize in holding a safe space for embracing shadows that you may have been ignoring for too long and embodying your highest vibrational self, followed by specific tailored energy rituals and practical guidelines for continuing to stay aligned with your divine potential. I am deeply grateful to intimately get to know each and every one of your souls in this spiritual ascension journey.

Nice to meet you

Love, Kamala.

Vertically Aligned




A specialized blend of divination services that uses a multi-modality approach, including but not limited to Tarot, mediumship, channeling, and scrying for gaining insight and clarity into the misalignment of our everyday lives that create our current reality. Every divination session consists of a reading followed by practical tips on how to handle the life situation that needs attention. 



Tailored energy work sessions including but not limited to Reiki, Pranic, crystal, and sound healing for addressing blockages while restoring emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony. Every healing session consists of energy work followed by specific rituals/guidelines to practice at your own home without any tools to stay aligned with your higher self.

Vertically Aligned



Comprehensive Akashic Record readings to help you unlock the secrets and hidden potential of your soul, as well as to realign it with its divine blueprint. Every session consists of a discovery call, a 60-minute in-person soul profile discussion after the reading, property-clearing reading (for additional charges) along with a detailed 21-day clearing ritual/guideline to practice at your own home without any tools.

*Kindly allow a 48-hour preparation period before scheduling your akashic records reading as significant pre-work is essential to ensure a comprehensive and valuable soul realignment session.

Vertically Aligned

Wondering which service or package is right for you? Don't worry, We got you covered.

Wondering which service or package is right for you? Don't worry, We got you covered.

Image by Alberto Bigoni

Special treats

just for your soul

Check out our launching special deals to combine one or more services and save generously. We all deserves a little treat every now and then. Why starve our souls that are in need of radical transformation at this very moment?

Amy Louise

Spirit Artist, North Glenn, Colorado

I had the pleasure of meeting Kamala during a workshop. Her kindness and sincerity are genuine. She has many tools to assist with energy and or soul healing. 


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