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Slow living blueprint

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Slow living is not familiar much as a concept, but has touched everyone’s life at least once in our lifetime before this digital age took over. Yes, I hear you. It could also be put this way for better understanding - Life feels slipping away right in front of our eyes and there is nothing we could do about it. Between running from one goal to another and chasing unrealistic instagram dreams, we have lost the true essence of life.

To pause and breathe through the mundane of our routines. Through that bad weather. Through that wait for our retirement after long tiring years of hardwork. Certainly we all need a break. But not from life, not from ourselves and certainly not from others. But from our non-stop self narrations. There is nothing to learn new from slow living movements and blogs than reminding ourselves to take one moment at a time and cherish those experiences.

How to do that?

‘Mindfulness’ Mistakes

Being mindful of our words as they come out is very commonly practiced out of respect and in an attempt to be courteous to tall he people around you. How would it be if we know to target the source file instead of the destination? Then, the words coming out would be much more filtered than you wanted it to be. It is not the words that must be targeted rather the thought that generated it. As a thought arises, we need to identify it as it is and not identify WITH it. You can follow these mindfulness exercises even if you do not want to do anything with being spiritual.

Creating conscious moments

If the first step is recognized, we would know all our energy was wasted on creating unconscious thoughts with no specific purpose except adding uncertainties to your visualized future. After this simple realization, it is almost very instantaneous to eventually live every moment, as it is. Without a need to alter or manipulate your reality, waiting patiently to soak in the holiness of your experiences.

Mind over ‘Multitasking’

As our days get busier, our need to multitask has become a default mode to save time. What we don’t realize is we focus so much on saving time, we forget savoring our experiences. Running constantly behind time by overloading our moments make you feel drained because we forget one fundamental quality of who we are. We are the ‘moments’ we create, those moments loose its tenacity and becomes fleeting. Hence, we don’t feel the depths of our experience that make you grounded in your presence creating frustration and disinterest in living.

Clear ‘Cache’

Unplugging periodically from all social media platforms and electronic devices gives us a perspective of how life was before the internet took over our precious time. It clears our mind from unwanted ‘information’ overload and prevents nervous breakdown however subtle it may seem. Taking time to smile at the elders in our home, not ignoring our child when she brings a piece of clumsy artwork for us to acknowledge, remembering your timeless nature when looking into those godly eyes from your own reflection inside of a mirror.

The ‘Aesthetic slow living’ template

It has become more and more popular to match our identity to that perfect pictures we see everywhere around us to reiterate our social acceptance. It is OK to not look like a sexy model when we are spending time in nature. It is OK to wear colorful clothing if it suits your persona. It is OK to not buy candles and blankets if you do not like them. Sleeping beauty can wake up early and make it her ‘kinda’ slow day. We make our own fairy tales. Original. Flawed. Imperfect.

"Some are cautious to follow mindfulness because they hate to call themselves ‘spiritual’ in front of the people who they so generously judged"

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