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Vegan Wisdom

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

A person who just went vegan is the most hated person in his immediate family or friend circle. Their reasons were always labeled ‘Biased’. We are presumed to have dreadlocks, have unshaved stinking armpits, living out of a van and possibly doing a shirasasana (head stand), lots and lots of meditation!

Well, you may be right. May be not. Not all of us. For going vegan, there is animal cause. There is environmental cause. And then there is also health cause. Me and my husband decided to bow to that universal cause that encompasses all into this web of ever expanding cosmos.

Everyone has different reasons for going vegan. Here is ours.

Netflix Documentary to nearly vegans

It sounds superficial. I know. But all we need is one ‘aha’ moment of realization. My husband was a hardcore meat lover and he was literally in tears after watching this documentary called ‘9 months that made you’. I said to him’ “But I am already half vegan!” as that’s my defense mechanism as a vegetarian to avoid feeling guilty for consuming milk and milk related products. Then, I made up my mind seeing how persistent he was to try the complete opposite of what he used to be. Time to give up on my dear yoghurt and raw cold cow’s milk!

The‘Plants have life too’ satire

We all have played that game. It is true too. There is no one to deny that blunt fact. If science is what you are looking for, you must already know that eating plants means not uprooting the plat itself. It means eating its vegetative parts and then letting the plant finish its life cycle. In terms of life, there is nothing wrong in eating another human as much as it is to eat a plant. It is easy to hover these kind of claims over the other groups to prove ourselves superior. But are we, really? I only chose to be a human and I need to fulfill this destiny. I can abstain from food and drink only water. But I would be long dead to create awareness about how good it is to be someone who is better than a vegan too!

Yet another religion - Veganism

I did not eat meat as a part of my once religious identity. I did not choose to be a vegetarian then. I did not choose to be a vegan now. You want to eat plants? Eat. You want to eat meat? Go ahead. If you want to eat your fingers? Suit yourself. There is no one argument right and the other wrong. We all need food to survive. Eat what you can. Spare the rest. Make your choices from the state of neutrality and not being inside a religious blanket. We do not need another religion or a label to follow harmless dietary practices.

‘Leaves’ are not salads

Even if someone wanted to go vegan, they get reminded of how a salad looks like in Mc Donalds or Dominos and drop the plan. Let me give a mouth drooling image of what we make. A mixture of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and greens that you choose to bring together with different types or oil or vinegar to top it with. Sounds delicious? Looks colorful too. There is a cleansing period for your taste palette to accustom. Oh did I mention we get to eat ice creams, Mac and cheese, pecan pie and pizzas too?

How about eating ‘their’ feelings

Imagine you were born in confinement, do not even know who your parents are, seeing your your friend die because it is too crammed in there, cannot breathe enough, covered with other’s shit, feathered to death because you missed to survive the slaughter machine? That is how those chicken feel too. Until you eat them. Then, those “feelings’ become yours. Their aggression. pain. anger. Depression. All of it. Becomes you. And we spend time and money in therapy to figure out what went wrong.

"They wish they too had their own lawyers every time they were denied freedom of speech. WE commit a crime but THEY are sentenced to death"
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