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Intuitive Healing basics

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

We all are already familiar with the term ‘Healing’, however most of us create a mental image even before that letter ‘g’ has done its job. Some cringe, some fantasize. Some judge, some shop. None of us have to abandon our current living situation to an idea of some meditating Himalayan savage saint who we consider are the only people capable of ‘miracles’. A miracle derives its purpose not from who did it but rather how.

Meditating is difficult. Being in the present moment is difficult. Doing yoga is extremely difficult. That is exactly why we must focus on the easy things that can be done wherever you are. However you are. Because there will be no specific techniques to follow. No rules to be consistent. Only ‘healing through your intentions’ as a way of life!

You can build your own custom-designed user specific handbook from the pointers below, since every person’s lifestyle, wishes, problems and circumstances are not the same every single time. From my personal experience, they seem simple but have endless possibilities.

Gentle communication with self and others

Being gentle, kind and graceful is always misinterpreted as a ‘people pleaser’, ‘ rule follower’ or ‘religious person’. You can be kind as well as express your ‘NOs’ courageously. You can be a tender person and be a ‘ rule breaker’ at the same time. You can be full of grace even if you do not want to read religious scriptures or follow any kind of religious practices. Yes, it is possible for all of these qualities to coexist without hindering the other. Above all, being true and kind to yourself is the purest form of self love. When you realize the innocent impacts of those self talks, you would never talk to yourself carelessly again. You are tampering with your reality every time you mindlessly make that one on one conversation and by the time you figure it all out, it is too late. Those babies are already in action to make those things happen.

Deeper acceptance - The good, the bad and the ugly

If we cannot be happy at our highest weight, we will not be happy at our leanest. If we cannot accept who we are when we fall, we will not be satisfied with ourselves when we are on the top of the ladder. Accepting on the surface will only delay the ‘misery’ process. Deeper acceptance stems from a neutral state of mind. It is okay to feel sad. It is okay to cry. It is okay to have negative thoughts. The question is, ‘What are you going to do about it after identifying?”. Still continue labelling them as positive and negative thoughts or fall into that openness of your heart without any inhibitions? If you think a religion holds your hand or becomes your safety net when falling, by all means seek help. But if you feel it deviates you from your ‘life’ itself and imposes routines without adding any meaning, rip of the band aid and air those wounds. You will still heal. But this time, you are your own god.

Calm and silent are completely different words that are not interchangeable

You can be loudly crying your heart out and still feel unmeasurlably calm inside. You can be silent and still be having that chatty mind running in the background non stop. You can choose to be silent when you are calm but does not mean you are at peace with yourself every time you are sitting silent. You see the difference? It means we can stay calm in any kind of situation and also voice out our opinions all at the same time. Your ‘Vow of silence’ does not mean a thing when you cannot act appropriately and heal the circumstances you are brought into.

Reinforce your universal connection - We are not wireless

It is a known fact that every cell has full capacity to function independently in every unicellular organism but what we do not know is they choose to work as a group of cells in case of multi cellular organisms. Having middle school flashbacks? We learn these things very early in life but do not learn ‘from’ them. We all are very well capable of working as an individual entity but our ‘cordless’ behavior has inadvertently brought us where we are today. Working together is not the only thing we need. We need to know that we all are one and the same. Not because we all are weaved from same fabric but we ‘are’ the fabric and those different types of dresses are just giving us new human experiences.

‘Daily trash duty’ inside your head

Our heads are way messed up than our homes and need daily tidying. When your back hurts, look into your head. When your stomach hurts, do the same. When your head hurts… get the drill right? Are you thinking too much about your student loans? Feeling extremely stressed to deal with your kids? Look for emotions and feelings that you ignored and tucked away under your mind bed. There it is. The answer to you're constantly jabbing back. Feeling lack of interest in life since you do not have any creative outlet at your job? No self confidence to drag you on to that date you have been meaning to go for ages? Repeat the same process. Find the hidden culprit and acknowledge them. There you go. First step to intuitive healing starts. Then follow steps 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in any order to get that healing energy going. Once the cause is identified, healing completes its course with little to no pharmaceutical or medical assistance.

"Time is the only doctor who does not send you home with multiple prescriptions after a soul misalignment visit"

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